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iSafetyNet: Community Resources
Community Resources

The Cyber Social Safety Net

Locating community resources and services on the web can be a difficult task considering the staggering amount of information search engines return.  That is why we developed iSafetyNet, the first and only comprehensive directory of both public and private community resources and services.

Community Resources
Over the past decade, health and human service agencies have  embraced the Web as the point of entry for their consumer-friendly, 'one-stop-shop'  style of outreach and delivery of their community resources and services.  The national social safety net has quietly and efficiently migrated to the Internet with many community resources and services web sites being added every day.
Community Resources
We hope that you find iSafetyNet a useful tool to help you locate the community resources and services you and your loved ones need.
Community Resources
iSafetyNet: Community Resources
Community Resources
Doctor's Visit Without the Cold Stethoscope
It can take weeks to see a doctor. Now, new services are linking patients to doctors via phone or video chat for advice about common medical conditions.

These telemedicine websites let people pose questions to a licensed doctor, paying $10 to $40. Some services offer free follow-ups and referrals as part of a more comprehensive treatment.
Community Resources
Skin Care
Dedicated to Skin Care & Aesthetics
Laser Skin Technology
Laser & Medical Grade Skin Care
Surgical & Non-Surgical Procedures
Cosmetic/Weight Loss Surgeons
Community Resources
Airline Seat Guru
Seat Guru is a free service that explains which seats to book and which seats to avoid on 23 airlines. It shows seat maps detailing pitch and legroom and location of bulkheads and exit rows.
Community Resources
Sharing Mother's Milk
Health benefits of mother's milk are well documented.  Adoptive mothers and women who cannot nurse are tapping into a growing network of mother's milk banks.
Mother's Milk Bank, San Jose, CA
Mother's Milk Bank Denver, CO
Mother's Milk Bank, Iowa City, IA
Mother's Milk Bank, Austin, TX
Community Resources
Mother's Milk Bank, Newark, DE
Email: dmore@christianacare.org
Telphone: 302.733.2340
Community Resources
Mother's Milk Bank, Raliegh, NC
Email: mmould@wakemed.org
Community Resources
Mother's Milk Bank, Fort Worth, TX
Email: mmbnt@hotmail.com
Community Resources
Making the Name Change
A few sites with helpful information about changing your name when you marry. It is becoming more common for the husband to take the wife's surname.
Legal Forms
Social Security Administration
So You Wanna
Community Resources
Finding a Local Handyman
The country's housing stock is ageing and more people are eager to hire contractors for home-repair and improvement projects.  Several companies are aggressively trying to create networks of independent contractors around the country.
Case Handyman Services
Mr. Handyman
House Doctors Handyman Service
Service Master
iSafetyNet: Community Resources  Solo 401(k)s for Self-Employed
More companies are offering 401(k)s aimed at self-employed individuals and sole proprietors of businesses.   Always check with your financial advisor or accountant before investing.
American Express
Charles Schwab
Oppenheimer Funds
Fidelity Investments
Pioneer Funds
Putnam Investments Management
T. Rowe Price
iSafetyNet: Community Resources Site Compares Drug Values
A new Consumer Reports' site for comparing drug values.  For each drug category, the Web site - crbestbuydrugs.org - summarizes its recommendations and also offers a more expanded report.
Community Resources
Alternative &  Non-Drug Pain Relief
Recent safety concerns about pain relievers have stirred increasing interest in alternative and non-drug pain relief therapies.
National Center for Alternative Medicine
Office of Dietary Supplements
Mayo Clinic's Alternative Medical Center
Center for Integrative Medicine, GWU
Center for Integrative Medicine, UM
Cochrane Collaboration
Harvard Medical School
iSafetyNet: Community Resources
iSafetyNet: Community Resources Colorado Higher Education Resource
Compilation of full and part time college programs offered online in Colorado. Updated annually.
Directory of Schools
Directory of Schools in Colorado
iSafetyNet: Community Resources Healthcare 411: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Healthcare 411 is an audio podcast series produced by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. AHRQ's mission is to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness of health care for all Americans. Using the latest technology, AHRQ shares news and information in the form of concise 60-second audio news programs that feature current research on important health care topics. Healthcare 411 gives consumers information they can use in their health care decision making.
iSafetyNet: Community Resources European Organisation of Family Health Research
European Organisation of Family Health Research (EOFHR) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the health of all family through research, education. The Organisation continues its work with medical and scientific communities, and the health care industry to ensure medical research includes family and supports family's health issues. Through education campaigns the Organisation reaches out to the public, sharing vital information about family's health research and policy issues.
iSafetyNet: Community Resources ImmigrationCounters.com
ImmigrationCounters.com provides the public key statistics resulting from illegal immigration in America. Using the latest government and private sources, research and analysis trending data is factored at their individual rates of increase.
Community Resources
iSafetyNet: Community Resources MicrofiberUSA.com
MicrofiberUSA manufactures microfiber towels, mops and everything microfiber! Microfiber allows you to clean with no chemicals. Simply use water and 99.999% of all bacteria is eliminated. Clean faster, smarter and safer with microfiber.
Community Resources
iSafetyNet: Community Resources Scientology Volunteer Ministers
The Scientology Volunteer Minister Program is a worldwide movement open to anyone who recognizes the world needs to change and who wants to make a difference. In the USA the hotline number is 1-800-HELP-4-YU. Each continental office also has phone lines as well as Internet referral sites.
Community Resources
iSafetyNet: Community Resources AutismLink
What do we do? It's simple -- we provide a place on the internet that gathers information from ALL organizations and put it in one place. We offer you a way to meet and talk to other parents in your area, and we offer a network of parents of children with autism who can help guide you. We don't compete with support organizations such as the local chapters of ASA, etc. We work with them to provide you with information.
Community Resources
iSafetyNet: Community Resources Medicare Part D
"There are many, many pieces of mythology going around about this bill," Nona Bear said at a training session on Medicare's new prescription drug program. "The most pernicious is that this is only for low-income seniors."
Community Resources
Medicare Part D is open to more than 40 million people of all economic levels, most of them age 65 and older. Enrollment starts Nov. 15, and benefits begin in January of 2006.
Community Resources
Medicare's Toll-free Line: 1-800-MEDICARE
Official Medicare Website
Medicare Rights Center
Center for Medicare Advocacy
Kaiser Family Foundation: Calculator
Community Resources